Knowledge, Self-confidence, Frankness and Earnestness—Bring up our Group-consciousness.

Knowledge—A new generation of intellectuals brought up by the information-times is facing the future information-world with their own  intelligence and vigor.
Self-confidence—The courage and connotation get us together and make our group to gain self-confidence to challenge all.
Frankness and earnestness—It is encouraged to establish a wholesome psychology of kindness, sincerity, and generosity.

Technology, Service, Reputation—Our sincere promise to undertake to the society.

Technology—As a Forging and casting industry, we take technology as the core of an enterprise, and promote technology in advance.
Service—To provide quality products for the society is our business target, and is also our means for subsist and development.
Reputation—Our slogan, and even more the code of our conduct.

Personnel, Management, Creation—The modern character of an enterprise.
Personnel—Personnel and enterprise should share the fruits which created by them. The working-environment of personnel should be improved continually. The personnel, certainly, will be satisfied and will enjoy their own achievement with pleasure.
Management—An enterprise should work out a clear developing target, adopt international management model, give all personnel the broadest develop space, and encourage their activity.
Creation—An enterprise embodies its social value dependent on the creation of personnel. The personnel creates self-value because of the social value of enterprise.



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