Reasonable organizational structure of the company is the foundation to grow in strength for <Baoding>.
Normal and orderly organizational structure of the company is the ladder we go to success.
An effective organizational structure of an enterprise enables personnel to make nothing of hardships, to unite with absolute sincerity, to be devoted to their duty, to be full of dedication and to make progress every day, and enables the enterprise to be rich in vitality and creative ability, to raise the efficiency of the enterprise and then to create amazing achievements and fruits.
Baoding Heavy Industry establishes its organizational structure in conformity with the principle of simpler administration and efficiency in advance, embodies cohesion of the enterprise as possible as it can, provides all personnel enough develop space and opportunities.
The success of Baoding Heavy Industry is due to excellent talents. The principle for selecting personnel of “Human as basics, to select a person according to his ability only” will accompany the developing path of Baoding Heavy Industry forever.

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